Center of Gravity!

Enter the required information into the black boxes and click results!

Tips:  The race car should be on scales for the information in this calculation.

A)  Wheelbase:  Measure as in the diagram (A) below to get correct wheelbase.

(A) Wheelbase?(A)


B)  This process needs to be done while on the scales.  Input the total weight of all 4 wheels in this box.

(B) Total Weight of car


C) While on the scales at normal level, just get the rear percentage and input it in this box as whole numbers (no %)

(C) Rear Percentage?:


When inputting Rear Percentage, please use whole numbers!  (ie 50% would be 50)

D) This measurement as shown in diagram (B) below is the distance of the wheelbase after it is raised. (D) Adjusted Wheelbase after raise(B)                 
E) This measurement as shown in diagram (B) below is the distance that the car was raised.

(E) Amount Raised(B)24" minimum          

F) This is the amount of weight that was added to the front tires when lifted.

(F) Added Weight to wheels upon raise             

Horizontal CG:   inches from the center of the front wheel to the rear of the car!

CG Height:  inches high at the horizontal.

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