Dirt Track Chassis Guide

Chassis Guide:

Instructions:  Below are questions that pertain to the information that you are looking for on your car.  Please click on a button in each category(1-6)(in order) only one time.  You will see the box below the selection tell you what you just clicked on to confirm that your selection was correct.  If the reference number at the bottom is more or less than 6 numbers, then you must start over and start from the top to generate the correct reference number for the information you are seeking.  Please let us know if you have any further problems with this, we will be more than happy to assist you.



1.Where is the problem happening on the track?                                     





4                        3





You are having trouble at: .


2.Click the following Track Condition that applies to your problem.        

The track condition you are having trouble with is:.


3.What information are you looking for?                                                    

You are looking for information. 


4.What kind of suspension are you running?                                              

The suspension you are running is:.


5.What kind of problem are you having?                                                    

The problem you are having is that your car is: .


6. What type of car are you racing?                                                           


You are running a .


Reference Number: