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Scaling Session (Weigh your car)

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Spring rate at the wheel on a swing arm

Center of Gravity Calculator (Horizontal and Vertical)

Tire Temperature Analyzer


Tire Radius

Approximate Leaf Spring Rates

Approximate Coil Spring Rates

Stagger Calculator(New and Improved!)

Chassis Guide (Information being added!)

Average Speed Calculator

Differential Gear Ratio Calculator

Lift Changes with Rocker Arm Ratio Variations


CFM Requirement

Gear Selector

Gear Ratio Calculator

Header Tube Length

CID to Liter Conversion

Piston Speed Calculator

Fuel Estimation for Capacity

RPM Calculator

Advanced Timing Marks for your Balancer 


Milling Heads for specific Compression Ratio 


Air Filter Height Calculator (K&N Formula)


Baseline Chassis Setup Sheets

Late Models Modifieds
CJ Rayburn Late Model Swing Arm Setup Sheet Dirt Works Setup Sheets (Updated!)
Larry Shaw 2000 Late Model Setup Sheet

Larry Shaw 2000 Mod Setup Sheet

GRT Late Model General Setup Sheet GRT Modified 0-199 Chassis Setup Sheet
GRT Late Model Dry Slick Setup Sheet GRT Modified 200 and Up Chassis Setup Sheet
MasterSbilt Wide Combination ** GRT Latmodel Standard Car Setup Sheet 2010
MasterSbilt 5010 ** GRT Latemodel Signature Series Setup Sheet 2010
MasterSbilt Smack "B" ** GRT Modified Standard Car Setup Sheet 2010
MasterSbilt Narrow 5000 Millineum Smackdown** GRT Racecars Adjustment Guide
Warrior Late Model Pre-2001 Setup Sheet....Z-link Larry Shaw Latemodel/Modified Adjustment Guide
Warrior Late Model 2001 Setup Sheet...Z-link Goddard Warrior Dirt Late Model/Modified Setup Sheets  
More to come!

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Other Helping Programs and Pages:

Shock Conversion Chart Degreeing a Cam
Small Block Chevy Valve Adjustment Order   Round and Square Tubing Wts
Common Quick Change Gear Set Ratios Brake Fluid Boiling Temps
Conversion Program (Converts all kinds of neat stuff!) Drill Bit Conversion Chart
Decimal Equivalents to Common Bit Sizes Guage Conversions
Recommended Heat Treatments for Different Grades of Steel Materials Strengths
Volumetric Efficiency at Different Elevations Casting Numbers
Engine Information Concerning All Types of Makes GM Transmission Ratios
Setting Up a Differential Ring & Pinion  Block Casting Numbers
SBC Chevy Crank Casting Numbers SBC Intake Casting Numbers
SBC Chevy Head Casting Numbers Coil Spring Tech
Designing and tuning 4-Link Rear Suspensions Panhard Bar Tech
Automatic Transmission Fluid Documentation   Leaf Spring Tech
Pushrod Lengths Weekly Check List
Sheet Metal Weights Drill Bit Size for Tap Chart
Scaling Made Simple Scaling Properly
Ackerman Ballast Placement Tips
Bump Steer Camber Simplified
Caster Simplified Chassis Dynamics
How to Convert Mobile Home Axles to Standard Axles How to Read Ford Casting Numbers
Tuning with Shocks (LR Behind Late Model Set-Up ** Tuning w/Shocks (Standard Late Model Set-Up)**
Tuning Tips: Tuning your camshaft for Maximum Power Oil against Oil...Side by Side Oil Comparison Article
Tuning the Small Block Chevy for Racing Basic Carburetor and Fuel System
 Maintenance and Tuning Tips
Setting the Idle Mixture & Idle Speed Adjusting the Holley Carburetor Jetting
Holley Carburetor Problem-Solving Holley Jet Extensions
Tuning your racecar with springs ** Some thoughts on choosing a proper camshaft
Cam Failures The 2 barrel carburetor in Oval track racing
Valve Train Geometry Effect Of Changes In Cam Timing And
Lobe Separation Angle
The Truth About Valve Springs Drill Bit Sizes including Metric
Helicoil Drill Chart Metric Helicoil Drill Chart
6' Sheet Metal Brake Plans Second Generation Camaro Frame Specifications
70-72 Cheverolet Camaro Frame Specifications Sheet Metal Brake Trouble Shooting Tips
How to use an English Wheel How to use a Bead Roller
What Drill Bit Do I Need? How to Measure Wheel Bolt Patterns
Axle Flange Housing Identification Car Math Formulas and Conversions
Decimal Equivalents of Common Fractions GM Body Style Codes
Mopar Body Style Codes Transmission Identification
Wheelbase Measurements for Popular Cars

Documentation/ Setup Sheets

Chassis Setup Sheets

Toe Guage

From Jim Hammack Racing

Wheelbase and Location Guage

From Jim Hammack Racing

csetup.jpg (91140 bytes) tool2.jpg (101620 bytes) tool1.jpg (80723 bytes)
More Setup Sheets Stock Metric Rear Suspension Layout:

Scale Plans

From Jim Hammack Racing

setupsheet.jpg (103547 bytes) chassis4.jpg (106379 bytes) tool3.jpg (101486 bytes)tool31.jpg (53461 bytes)

  Rear End Straightener

Special Thanks to: 2nd2none

rearend.jpg (99036 bytes)

Kart Setup Sheets

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Excel Setup Sheet

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70 Chevelle Frame Specs


Crown Vic Frame Specs


Caprice/Impala Frame Specs


GM Metric Frame Specs


Virtual Engine Calculator Download


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Excel Spreadsheet for Setup

Submitted by Mikey

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Excel Spreadsheet for Metric 4 Link Rear Roll Center Calculator

Submitted by Racer96m

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 Chassis Video......See more chassis video at

2 Link LR

2 Link LR w/changes

4 Link RR

4 Link LR


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